Stream Over 300,000 Audiobooks on Spotify & Other Free Options for Audiobook Lovers


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Audiobooks have become an increasingly popular way for people to enjoy literature. Fortunately, there are a growing number of options for audiobook lovers to choose from. One of the biggest platforms to offer audiobooks is Spotify, which boasts a library of over 300,000 titles. Another popular option for free audiobooks is Librivox, which offers a vast selection of public domain books that are read by volunteers from around the world. Additionally, Spotify has expanded its features to include more interactive experiences, such as cam chat, where book clubs and reading communities can connect face-to-face and discuss their favorite audiobooks in real-time.

Stream Over 300,000 Audiobooks on Spotify: Other Free Options Available

Your Best Portable Friends: Why Audiobooks Are Gaining Popularity

When the program was first made available on September 20th, there were already 300,000 audiobook titles available, and more will be added in the future. There is a wide variety of literature available as audiobooks on Spotify, including works of fiction and nonfiction, books that are the most anticipated, romance novels, historical fiction, and mystery books.

LibriVox: Free Audiobooks with User Feedback and Collections

It won't be hard to track down the book you're looking for. The app combines a powerful search engine with carefully selected collections and detailed user feedback. Listening to a story before bed can be made easier with the use of a sleep timer, and bookmarks make it simple to navigate back to specific points in the narrative. The LibriVox collection, in addition to thousands of classic radio plays and a great number of other collections, are all completely free to access. Download Free Audiobooks with Monthly Credits

What you get is one credit per month (two credits for the first month, and then one credit per month after that if you are an Amazon Prime member), which can be used on any title of your choosing and is yours to keep even if you decide to cancel your membership. You can listen to as many of the thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible Originals as you like with the Plus Catalogue.

Lit2Go: Free Online Library of Audiobooks and Reading Material

Lit2Go is an online library that offers free access to an audiobook format collection of short stories and poems. In addition to the word count, an abstract, citation, reading time, and total minutes are provided for each of the passages. A significant number of the readings also feature an identified connected reading strategy. You can also download each reading passage as a PDF and print it out to use as a read-along or as additional reading material for your classroom.

Overdrive: Collaborating with Local Libraries to Offer Free Audiobooks

Overdrive collaborates with local libraries located all over the United States to make downloadable copies of ebooks and audiobooks that can be accessed quickly and easily. After you have created an Overdrive account, you will need to connect to your local library (assuming that your library is one of the many that are compatible with Overdrive) and use your digital library card in order to borrow audiobooks from Overdrive

Internet Archive: A Digital Library of Free Audiobooks and Educational Resources

The Internet Archive is a digital library that provides users with access to free software, books, texts, videos, and audio recordings as well as webpages. It is the place I go to first when I need to conduct research because it offers a wealth of reliable primary and secondary sources, making it an excellent environment for education.


Audiobooks have gained popularity due to their ability to bring stories to life through professional narration, making them a perfect companion for those who want to enjoy stories while engaging in activities. While audiobooks can be more expensive than print books or ebooks, there are various platforms and resources available that offer affordable or even free audiobooks. Spotify, LibriVox, Audible, Lit2Go, Overdrive, and the Internet Archive are among the popular platforms that offer a vast collection of audiobooks, including classic and contemporary literature, podcasts, and original works.

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